Prospect of federal wildfire reform isn’t over yet

by Ashley Bach The last-minute failure of Congress to pass timber reform and wildfire reform last month was well documented. Instead of passing legislation that would have increased the management of our federal forests and changed the way our country pays to fight wildfires, Congress passed a stop-gap increase of… Read more

What if we could ‘grow’ jet fuel using a common waste wood? There’s a chance we soon will.

For those concerned about over-dependence on fossil fuels, finding a combustible fuel derived from a renewable source would be a game-changer. Consider the game changed, courtesy of a research team at Washington State University working in collaboration with the Boeing Corporation who have discovered how to turn wood fiber into… Read more

Public Lands Commissioner Goldmark calls for increase in state firefighting budget

Although civic and business leaders are working to identify ways to improve the health of forests in Washington and reduce risks of catastrophic wildfire, there’s also an understanding that fires will always happen. The extent of the destruction when fire breaks out depends a lot on the availability of trained… Read more

Washington recognizes critical role of state’s forestry industry

by Ashley Bach It’s appropriate that right around the time Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared Washington Forest Products Industry Week, the state Department of Commerce installed former state legislator Brian Hatfield as the department’s first forestry sector lead. As the Commerce department describes, the state’s forestry industry plays an important… Read more

Washington’s federal delegation brainstorms on forest policy

by Ashley Bach It’s encouraging to see Washington State political leaders gather together to figure out ways to improve forest policy. This week three members of the state’s federal delegation got together in two separate gatherings. In the first, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell (Democrat) and U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers… Read more

Cross-laminated timber could help timber towns

by Ashley Bach Things continue to look up for the planned $60 million Oregon Forest Science Complex at Oregon State University. First Seattle’s Plum Creek pledged a sizable donation to the new center, a complex designed to train forestry students and promote the use of innovative wood products like cross-laminated… Read more

Sierra Pacific pledges $6 million to Oregon State University for advanced wood products lab

Civic leaders and consumers alike are demanding prioritizing the use of renewable and sustainable resources. Advances in modern sustainable forestry practices have kicked off a flurry of conversation in the fields of manufacturing, energy production, and architecture among others for the use of innovative wood products. A $6 million pledge… Read more