We’re leading the way to keep water cool and clean.

Taking the lead by protecting
60,000 miles of streams

Our foresters use modern forestry practices like buffer zones that provide shade, reduce erosion and filters sediment to keep water cool and clean.

Journey with us through a working forest.

Chapter 1

The Salmon Journey to the Forest

Follow salmon as they navigate a challenging course from the ocean to the streams where they were born.

Chapter 2

Leading the

Working Foresters are preserving fish habitat while supplying a sustainable supply of forest products.

Chapter 3

Fish and Non-Fish Stream Types

See why preserving fish habitat on streams where salmon are returning should be our highest priority.

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Following the lead of science

The Forests & Fish Law is a landmark collaboration including science-based forest practice regulations that guide the protection of more than 60,000 miles of streams running through 9.3 million acres of state and private forestland.

See how working forests work for all of us

Journey with us through a working forest.